Aluminium Ventilators

Model: 300/ 500/ 600

Materials: Adopting 3005# aluminum alloy as base material, on the surface of which sprays a coating of 20µm thickness fluorine carbon polyester; Japanese NSK sealed bearing; fireproofing reinforced nylon support or metal support; rivet to connect.

Benefits: Light weight, high revolving sensitivity, strong corrosion resistance, high air venting efficiency, clean and smooth, uniform color, and easy maintenance.

Working Condition: Temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is 0.45℃, It begins to revolve at the wind speed of 0.12m/ s.

Roofing Angle: Applied in different roofing in the scope of 0-22.5°oblique angle.

Warranty: 15 years

Applicable scope: Industrial, commercial and civil buildings.

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