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FRP Sheet skylite pet

Features Good strength and good tenacity
Resin Common anti-ageing resin
Glass fibre Non-alkali, non-twist, non-glue glass fiber
Surface Pasting domestic anti-ageing pet film
Rebar line Tensile reinforced bending lines with longitudinal uniform distribution ( It depends on consumers to choose voluntarily whether adding)
Transmittance Adopting Taian quality glass fiber, the content no less than 30%
Weight 1800g/m² 2400g/m² 3050g/m²
Thickness 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm
Temperature -40℃ to ±100℃
Light transmittance 70%±2% ( light green) 47%±2%(cream white)
UV Reduction 95%
Tensile strength 75Mpa
Bending resistance 125Mpa
Breaking elongation 1.90%
Barcol hardness ≥ 45
CTE 2.5×10¯5cm/cm/℃
Heat conductivity 0.18w/m.k
Warranty 10 years